Our Rates

Free Property Sales offers 0% commission fees on all property sales at the minimum price you would accept or less. Free Property Sales splits any gains above the price you would accept 50/50.

Therefore, you can achieve free estate agency services for your property sales and marketing.

Free Property Sales is not to be compared to any other estate agency as the model and service offering is truly unique.

As the seller, you have so many benefits:

  1. 0% fees on the property sale
  2. Free sales and marketing
  3. Full estate agency services
  4. 50% of the bonus sum achieved

For example, if you would accept a sum of £500,000 for your property, Free Property Sales may market your property for £550,000. If someone agreed to buy your property for £550,000, there would be £50,000 accounted for as a bonus sum. This bonus sum is then split equally, 50/50 between yourself and Free Property Sales. Everyone wins, plus you receive 0% commission fees on the £500,000 sum you were happy to accept. 

Christmas has come early!