About Us

Free Property Sales was founded on the premise of free sellers fees. Free Property Sales spotted an opportunity in the market due to lazy estate agencies and unhappy sellers.

Free Property Sales identified the mismarriage between the sellers and the estate agents’ desires and expectations. 

The seller wants to achieve the highest possible price for the property, whereas the estate agency wants the property sold as quickly as possible, due to very little difference in reward for the estate agent.

Free Property Sales has created the perfect formula, whereby both the seller and estate agency win! 

Free Property Sales provides the seller with free estate agency services for the price agreed as a minimum sales value. Any additional gains are then split 50/50.

Subsequently, both parties are genuinely motivated to sell your property for as much as possible, after all, everyone wins.

Therefore, Free Property Sales can attract greater prices than other estate agents and you can gain and benefit from the process. 

Furthermore, if your property were to sell for what you wanted, you would receive all of the proceeds anyway.

It truly is a no brainer!